Teaming Up With The Local Peter’s Sunny Day Foundation

Teaming Up With The Local Peter’s Sunny Day Foundation

The Peter’s Sunny Day Foundation, which is headquartered in DeWitt, Michigan, was created by the family and friends of Peter Kurncz IV. Peter passed away at age six in 2015 after a three-year battle with brain cancer. The foundation works to ease the financial battles of families struggling with childhood cancer by providing support with bills and mortgages, and by offering volunteer help with household chores to allow the families by spend more time together.

MPM management team learned about the organization from one of its employees, Aaron Downing, whose family works closely with Peter’s Sunny Day. Aaron, his wife, and their kids have spent their free time volunteering with the organization in various ways.

MPM supports local organizations, such as the Peters’ Sunny Day Foundation, by having their asphalt trailers wrapped, free of charge, with the organization’s information. This acts as a mobile billboard, which travels across the state advertising the organizations.

The freshly wrapped Peter’s Sunny Day Foundation trailer was unveiled at the 4th Annual Pars 4 Pete Memorial Golf Scramble on July 25th, at The Emerald Golf Course in St Johns, Michigan.

“We are incredibly thankful for the support from Michigan Paving & Materials and excited for the exposure this amazing wrap will provide to the foundation throughout the state,” said Kevin Tatroe, President of Peter’s Sunny Day Foundation. “If you happen to see it on the road, we’d love to see you post a picture of it on our Sunny Day Facebook page.”

Check out the MPM and the Peter's Sunny Day Foundation for more details!

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