The Hennepin Marsh is historically known as one of the richest habitats for wildlife in the Detroit River. This area used to be home to many different types of fish including sturgeon, whitefish, numerous types of bass, and walleye. The water flow also provided an ideal environment for ducks, wading birds, mink, muskrat, and different species of turtles that would nest in the shoals.

Located below the Grosse Ile Toll Bridge causeway, this area is especially vulnerable to boat traffic from the Trenton Channel, as well as wave action and winter ice flow. These forces have contributed to the erosion of two shoal islands within the marsh.

The EC Korneffel Project seeks to protect and restore the shoal islands. Starting in January 2022, groups began mapping, designing, and working to build up the shoals using limestone and other materials. Stoneco donated 5,200 tons of MDOT Plain Rip Rap, 730 tons of MDOT Special/Armor Rip Rap, and 1,000 tons of 1x3 limestone to the project so far.

While the project is far from over and still faces challenges from weather and other complications, the differences are stunning. Stoneco plans to continue to support the project with more donated materials.